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The beginning: In April of 1983 a group of men, tired of being excluded by the gay community, decide it was time to form a club for those of us that do not fit the stereotypical form of desire widely accepted as attractive.

Today, we enjoy being counted among the many groups worldwide that have embraced the culture of big men and those that find larger forms attractive.  

We are a member of the Affiliated Big Men's Clubs, an international network of clubs for big men and their admirers. The club offers opportunities for these men to meet in a non-judgmental setting. We are a non-profit social club addressing the needs of the heavyset man and their male admirers.

Membership pricing is $30.00 per year for singles and $50.00 per year for couples. Your membership entitles you to discounted entry into all monthly socials, our annual beach retreat, the founder's day dinner, and any national meetings that we host. For info about membership click HERE.